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about company

The company was founded in 1996. Since the founding of the firm occupies a leading position in Russia and in the CIS countries for the wholesale supply and wholesale trade second hand clothes. Our pricing policy from the very beginning was based on minimum prices. Our offices are located in 9 major cities in Russia and abroad.

Since 2000, our company is the official dealer of the largest European company for sorting clothes second hand – BOER Group. As our company has cooperated with 20 th plants sorters second hand products, throughout the European Union. Since 2000, we have delivered stock clothes. The most comprehensive asortiment clothes stock odejdastock.ru on site. Clothing drain on other sites.

More than 80% of retail outlets in Russia and the near abroad successfully sell our product. Our new and improved conditions and new trends in clothing, footwear and other products second hand enable our customers to conduct a profitable business in this market sector.




More than 80% of retail shops in different regions of Russia successfully sell our product

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